Taleggio Cheese (per kg)
This pink rinded Italian cheese gets its name from whence it came, Taleggio Valley. This cheese has a kind mild sweet, salty taste and becomes pungent when aged. It has a half to body ratio of fat, but it's well worth it.

AsIago Cheese (per kg)
A full-bodied, fresh creamy cheese from the milk of cows fed at a high altitude.

Montasio cheese
his cheese has a mild, delicate and yet somewhat fruity flavour with just a hint of nuts. It resembles the flavours inhibited in the Italian Cheese asiago.

Think of every possible Tuscan pecorino known to mankind and The Cheeseboard Lady will be able to ensure it is on your cheeseboard. The Pecorino is a hard cheese made from pure sheep’s milk, with a strong flavour and a crumbly texture once cut. 

Fontina cheese
A cheese originating from Valle d’Aosta in Northern Italy, this semi soft cheese is slightly glossy and has pleasant aroma.

Gorgonzola Dolce
A beautiful Italian blue cheese that has been produced for thousands of years, the dolce variety is sweet and creamy with a soft texture.

Gorgonzola Piccante
Just like its cousin the Gorgonzola Dolce- Gorgonzola Piccante has been produced as a blue cheese for thousands of years in Italy. The “Piccante” is a firmer and dryer cheese, with a strong bluey flavour.



Brie Mon Sire
This is a classic Brie that can be found on most kitchen tables throughout France. This cheese is quite soft and has all the characteristics to make a good match for any decent red/white wine.

Le Delice De Fromi
From the Burgundy region, this soft triple-cream ripened cheese has a crème fraiche, extra soft smooth centre.

Lingot D’argental Brie (per kg)
A soft rectangular cheese from the Lyon region, made on full cream cow’s milk with a white mould rind.

Goat Brie D’argental
A soft hexagonal cheese from Lyon made exclusively on full cream goats milk. This one has a soft tangy taste, and the added benefit is this cheese is completely lactose free.

Cremeux D’argental (per kg)
From the Lyon region also, this is a soft and deliciously creamy cheese that is made from extra creamy cows milk. It also has the added effect of making everyone your best friend just for ordering it.

Buche De Chevre Nostalgie
A soft cheese that is made with pure goats milk with a white mould rind. It has a fresh & mild flavour and is completely lactose free.

Cendre Royal Nostalgie (Morbier)
This one is from the Jura mountains and made from full cream cows milk. Coal ash is layered in its centre and it matures for at least 6 weeks. Little cracks on the side of the Morbier are a sign of a soft cheese and creamy flavour. 

Comte Aoc Gruyere (1/8 Fromi, 6 month)
This is another cows milk cheese with a firm pate but with a sweeter, almost nutty twang.

Bleu Auvergne La Veronne
A pungent blue cheese from the region of Auvergne, made with cow’s milk. The blue veining contains a spicy, slightly grassy flavour.

Fourme Ambert Aop Grancoeur
A delicate creamy blue cheese from the Auvergne region. This cheese is made with full cream cows milk and is definitely a hidden treasure for blue cheese lovers.

Roquefort Cheese
A blue cheese that the whole world knows, this famous fella comes from the south of France. Made from pure sheep’s milk, the acidic blue and green mold veins throughout the crumbly white folds give a distinctive odour and a sharp tang. Definitely not for the faint hearted.



Soft and creamy.

Double Crème Brie
Extra soft and creamy.

Triple Crème Brie
Extremely soft and creamy.

Rich and creamy.

Smooth and sharp.

Vintage Cheddar
Crumbly sharp flavour and aged for 12+ months, so it's lactose free.

Aged Vintage Cheddar
Aged for 128+ months so it's also lactose free. Crumbly with an extra sharp flavour. 

Blue Brie
Smooth, strong flavour with a creamy consistency.

Strong and sharp in flavour with a firm consistency.